a pair of weight fit dumbbells is essential at home or working place

Working out at home, a pair of weight fit dumbbells is essential because it is simple and practical, can complete almost all the equipment can complete the movement, and dumbbell is a free device whose effect is better than a comprehensive device.
For the novice, do not be too rigid in the initial thinking framework, but to learn the mentality and practice to experience fitness movements and fitness methods. For the primary family fitness 30kg  chrome dumbbell  program, the focus should be on mastering the correct dumbbell movement technology. Basically, the following basic principles should be guaranteed:

1, practice and figure out the key points of the action, the focus is on the feeling of the muscle during the action process.
2, maintain the principle of progressive, give the body a good adaptation process, while preventing injuries.
3, adopt the principle of 1 week 3 practice, the next day training, to ensure good muscle recovery.
Make sure that every part of your body is trained during the week.
There is no muscle growth without recovery. The two important factors for recovery are rest and nutrition.
6, no matter how good the method does not persist is only equal to zero.



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