how to thin arms for girl during using pvc coated dumbbell

Improper arm movement can easily lead to a thick arm, making the entire person look particularly tough, especially girls, absolutely not allowed to  have such strong arms. The next eric female net editor teaches girls dumbbell exercise method, with dumbbell exercise arm method picture details  of pvc coated dumbbell thin arms. Fitness Workout Jogging Neoprene Coated Dumbbell for Hand Weight PVC dumbbell pvc48 vinyl coated dumbbell   

Chrome Dumbbell plate lying push

Lie on your back on a bench, your feet on the ground; The elbows are bent, the dumbbells are held, the fists are opposite,

the palms are in the direction of the legs, and the axis of the chrome  dumbbell is located above the nipple(middle of the chest muscle),

against the chest. Push up, put in your elbows, put your elbows in your chest. The dumbbell is slightly forward while rising, showing a parabolic trajectory. When the arms are straight, the center of gravity

of the dumbbell is close to the support point of the shoulder joint. But don't just happen to be at the point of support of the shoulder joint,

which will allow the skeleton to support the weight of the dumbbell(this case where the weight is supported by the bone rather than the

muscle is called "locking"), making the pectoral muscles relax and affect the exercise effect. Then, the two straight arms are opened to the sides

, the arms are slowly bent, and the dumbbells fall vertically. When they fall to the lowest point, they push up. Repeat. Breathing Method: Exhale with your nose when pushing up and inhale when reducing.

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Do you really use dumbbells correctly after all this time?

When many people practice dumbbells, they do not know how to use them. Sometimes they feel free to use their own ideas,

and they will cause unnecessary damage to their wrists. Today we're going to show you how to use dumbbells properly. Gripping refers to the way the hand holds the dumbbell. The purpose of adjusting the grip is to complete the action safely,

flexibly and comfortably. The basic gripping methods are: ordinary gripping, empty gripping, lock gripping, and power gripping. Ordinary grip method The dumbbell bar passes through the palm of the hand, the thumb is held on the index finger and middle finger, and the five fingers

hold the dumbbell hard at the same time. This is usually the way to exercise, especially for beginners. The dumbbell rod passes through the palm of the hand, and the thumb is on the same side as the other four fingers. The center of

gravity of the dumbbell is generally perpendicular to the arm, and it is always perpendicular to the palm of the hand during exercise.

The five-finger grip only prevents the dumbbell from rolling back and forth. Because this method is more dangerous, suitable

for long-term training fitness enthusiasts, for beginners are not very recommended. Hold the dumbbell or barbell with a power belt. Usually used in pull action, you can increase the strength of my shoulders and use

the strength to prevent wrist injuries. For example, when training for high intensity training, the load-band can help you achieve

the maximum training effect. In weightlifting training, more use of a strong lock grip, while in fitness, fitness exercises, more use

of common grip and empty grip, ensure flexibility of exercise.

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How can you exercise abdominal muscles in the gym? Specific instruments and methods of using dumbbell

First, the gym has a number of equipment, can exercise abdominal muscles, such as dumbbells, barbells, can exercise abdominal muscles, but to exercise abdominal muscles, it is not possible to do it in a day or two, it takes a certain amount of time to persist. After the exercise, we should pay special attention to the matters. Second, the gym exercise abdominal muscle method. In general, the maximum power of growth is practiced with a weight of 1-5 RM, the weight of 6-12 RM for muscle enhancement, and the weight of 15-20 RM for muscle endurance training. Each group is exhausted. Each group of boys uses 8-12RM weight, that is, each group does 8-12! Girls use a lighter 15RM.Before exercising, do a warm-up exercise first, expand the chest 10-15 times, warm up 10-15 times on the shoulders, 10 times on each side of the side bend, 10 times on the left and right sides of the hip joint rotation, and 8-10 times on each side of the leg.

Use the dumbbell to do these moves, feel the intense burning of body fat, and do it at home

If you were training at home, what tools would you use? I think most people go home and have a pair of dumbbells, which is a small, inexpensive exercise tool. Dumbbells are more suitable for home training than barbells, and our dumbbells are not too heavy. Use a more appropriate weight to do exercises at home. The first action, which we recommend to you, is the sitting dumbbell arm extension, which can help us exercise the strength of the arm muscles. Before we do this action, we first need to find a dumbbell that weighs the right weight. We also told you before that. You can also use other tools instead. After choosing the right training tool and the right weight, we will maintain a sitting position, keep our backs straight on that basis, and then use your arms to do the bending http://www.ericdumbbell.combai1 bai2 G1 G3 G7 G8  

a pair of weight fit dumbbells is essential at home or working place

Working out at home, a pair of weight fit dumbbells is essential because it is simple and practical, can complete almost all the equipment can complete the movement, and dumbbell is a free device whose effect is better than a comprehensive device.
For the novice, do not be too rigid in the initial thinking framework, but to learn the mentality and practice to experience fitness movements and fitness methods. For the primary family fitness 30kg  chrome dumbbell  program, the focus should be on mastering the correct dumbbell movement technology. Basically, the following basic principles should be guaranteed:

1, practice and figure out the key points of the action, the focus is on the feeling of the muscle during the action process. 2, maintain the principle of progressive, give the body a good adaptation process, while preventing injuries. 3, adopt the principle of 1 week 3 practice, the next day training, to ensure good muscle recovery. Make sure that every part of your body is trained during the week. There is no muscle growth without recovery. The two important factors for recovery are rest and nutrition. 6, no matter how good the method does not persist is only equal to zero.

Barbell VS dumbbell, which kind of fitness effect is better?

Due to the high stability of the barbell, the weight of the training can be a little larger. On the contrary, the weight of the common dumbbell in the gym is only 50kg. Although the barbell is more stable than the dumbbell, this will also become a limitation. Taking lying push as an example, barbell lying is more difficult to fully contract the pectoralis major muscle; On the contrary, the use of dumbbell lying push can increase the moving distance to a greater extent, allowing the muscles to contract completely. It is better to train between the two so that the muscle stimulation is more comprehensive.

what weight of dumbbell for first practice what is good bar of rubber bar or knurl bar

Dumbbell, a simple, most economical and practical perfect fitness equipment. Practice dumbbell, not subject to venue restrictions, and 10kg 20kg 30kg dumbbell exercise method is simple and studious. A pair of dumbbells is enough to sculpt every muscle in the body and gradually become the preferred fitness equipment for white-collar workers. However, there are various types of dumbbells in shopping malls or fitness halls. The texture and weight are also different. How should dumbbells be selected? Common types of dumbbells on the market include plastic dumbbells, cast iron dumbbells, electroplated dumbbells, and painted dumbbells. Recommended electroplating In general, the purchase is based on height and weight. If you do not know how to choose, you can refer to the following principles. This is based on the general physical fitness and exercise intensity of the Chinese people, while taking into account the later stage of increased fitness intensity of dumbbells. Height less than 1.60 meters weight 60 kg-25 kg combination Height less than 1.70 meters weight 70 kg-30 kg combination Height less than 1.80 meters weight 80 kg-35 kg combination Height below 1.90 meters weight 95 kg-45 kg combination