how many weight of dumbbell suitable for women dumbbell

Girls with multiple dumbbell appropriate, this need to see your purpose of fitness, fitness dumbbell  movement and your personal basis.

Dumbbell Fitness theory with the RM said a load can do continuous repetitions. Practitioners, for example, of a weight only raised 5 times in a row, then the weight is 5 rm.

In general 1 to 5 rm tended to increase the absolute power, 6-12 rm developed muscle volume, more than 15 rm is muscular endurance training. If you dumbbell fitness purpose is to add muscle, do the dumbbell action every day 8 rm to 12 rm, about 3 to 8 every action; If you dumbbell fitness purpose is to model body, every day to do related rm dumbbell move 15 to 20 rm, every action do 5-6 groups.



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