how to select the most suitable for their own dumbbell?

how to select the most suitable for their own chrome dumbbell?

In the actual dumbbell training process, we often wonder: should I choose multiple dumbbell? How many groups do? How many times each group should do again?

In fact, according to different training and training objectives, the choice of the dumbbell set time have different pay attention to:

1. Aiming at family shape

Most people, especially girls at home use dumbbell and barbell goal, is to let the shoulder, arm and so on parts of the line is much more good-looking.

So doing arm flexion, levelly obeying such small muscle group exercises, group number selection principles should follow the “small weight, many times”.

This is not only beneficial to better build muscle line, more importantly, to promote the efficiency of burning fat at the same time, reduce muscle hypertrophy effect, which is not too “strong”.

Suggest that such people can be from 2 kg dumbbell to try, just do it in each group at the 10 to 15 times/group


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