Cast iron neoprene coated dumbbells


– Cast iron dumbbells are neoprene-coated for durability and to help protect you, the floor and other fitness equipment


– Help tone and sculpt your arms, shoulders and back


– Hexagonal shape for easy stacking and roll-free Use




Material: Cast iron


Finish: Vinyl/Neoprene Coated


Customized logo is negotiable


  • These dumbbells sets take very little space and can be placed anywhere such as your home, gym or even your office
  • Advantage: Unlike traditional dumbbells, neoprene dumbbells do not rust and have a smooth coating that makes it easy to grip and your weight lift workout a convenient yet effective.
  • Made Type: Neoprene Dumbbells are made up of cast iron coated with soft and smooth neoprene coating matte finish for a comfy-grip workout
  • Neoprene dumbbell sets are just what the doctor prescribed comes to aerobics, light lifting at home, heavier lifting, bodybuilding and toning, strengthening muscles, relieving stress and reducing common aches or pains

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