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a pair of weight fit dumbbells is essential at home or working place

Working out at home, a pair of weight fit dumbbells is essential because it is simple and practical, can complete almost all the equipment can complete the movement, and dumbbell is a free device whose effect is better than a comprehensive device.
For the novice, do not be too rigid in the initial thinking framework, but to learn the mentality and practice to experience fitness movements and fitness methods. For the primary family fitness 30kg  chrome dumbbell  program, the focus should be on mastering the correct dumbbell movement technology. Basically, the following basic principles should be guaranteed:

1, practice and figure out the key points of the action, the focus is on the feeling of the muscle during the action process. 2, maintain the principle of progressive, give the body a good adaptation process, while preventing injuries. 3, adopt the principle of 1 week 3 practice, the next day training, to ensure good muscle recovery. Make sure that every part of your body is trained during the week. There is no muscle growth without recovery. The two important factors for recovery are rest and nutrition. 6, no matter how good the method does not persist is only equal to zero.



you should use more dumbbell exercise, improve weight loss efficiency

Chrome Dumbbells are the most cost-effective exercise equipment compared to your other fitness equipment. Dumbbells can help you achieve different exercise goals. At the same time, they are not expensive or occupy a place to exercise. Thin people gain muscle, fat people lose fat, and plastic shapes can be quickly achieved through dumbbell training. http://www.ericdumbbell.com g31 20kg dumbbell 50kg dumbbell dumbbell  

How does a dumbbell work on your body? http://www.ericdumbbell.com

What we know better is that dumbbells are a particularly convenient and safe exercise device that can help people exercise their muscles in many parts of the body, including the muscles of the chest. But do many people think it would be useful to simply lift it up? The answer is, of course, yes. The dumbbell has a certain weight that can strain the muscles of your upper body, activate the muscles, and make the muscles more powerful when you repeatedly lift it. Not only is it possible to exercise our arm strength for our pectoral muscles and abdominal muscles are some of the great effects of exercise. http://www.ericdumbbell.com

we will choose right weight nefore practice dumbbell http://www.ericdumbbell.com

Choose the right weight before you practice dumbbells. 2, the purpose of the exercise is to increase muscle, the best choice of 65 % -85 % load dumbbell. For example, if the load that can be lifted is 10 kilograms at a time, a dumbbell weighing 6.5 kilograms to 8.5 kilograms should be selected for exercise. 5-8 groups per day during practice. Each group moves 6-12 times. The speed of action should not be too fast. Each group should be separated by 2-3 minutes. The load is too large or too small, and the intermittent time is too long or too short, the effect will be bad. 3, the purpose of the exercise is to reduce fat, it is recommended to practice should be 15-25 or more in each group, each group interval is controlled at 1-2 minutes. If you think this exercise is boring, you can match your favorite music practice, or follow the music to do dumbbell aerobics http://www.ericdumbbell.com

how to choose good quality of dumbbell

At present, the main activities of dumbbell in China's market are divided into rubber dumbbell, electroplated dumbbell, black paintting dumbbell, steel dumbbell, and PE cement dumbbell.
First cast iron dumbbell plate then chrome, zinc, and then mechanized polish. chrome on surface of plate Some will also add black paintting and red letters on dumbbell pieces.
(1) the product is bright outside and looks good.
(2) the proportion is suitable and suitable for exercise.
(3) the structure is strong and durable.
the coating is very easy to be damaged and then rusted.
30kg free adjustable chrome dumbbell set can fit anybody who like take exercise at home or office
eric dumbbell is good quality to purchance

chrome stainless steel dumbbell deluxe stainless steel dumbbell

Product nameChrome dumbbell set
MaterialChrome weight plate,rubber coated or mercerizing dumbbell bar
Size20kg dumbbell set(15kg&30kg&50kg optional)
ApplicationProfessional Training , Sports Performance, High School, Fitness
.Product Name
Top quality gym chrome dumbbells for sale
chroming and cast iron dumbbell
6 - 50 kg
7.Certification Available:
1 pc
9. Sample Time:
within 2 days for existing samples
3-7days if need customized logo.
10. Packing details:
Each in a polybag, then into a carton box
11.Deliver time
 shipped in 15 day after payment
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