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Do you really use dumbbells correctly after all this time?

When many people practice dumbbells, they do not know how to use them. Sometimes they feel free to use their own ideas,

and they will cause unnecessary damage to their wrists. Today we're going to show you how to use dumbbells properly. Gripping refers to the way the hand holds the dumbbell. The purpose of adjusting the grip is to complete the action safely,

flexibly and comfortably. The basic gripping methods are: ordinary gripping, empty gripping, lock gripping, and power gripping. Ordinary grip method The dumbbell bar passes through the palm of the hand, the thumb is held on the index finger and middle finger, and the five fingers

hold the dumbbell hard at the same time. This is usually the way to exercise, especially for beginners. The dumbbell rod passes through the palm of the hand, and the thumb is on the same side as the other four fingers. The center of

gravity of the dumbbell is generally perpendicular to the arm, and it is always perpendicular to the palm of the hand during exercise.

The five-finger grip only prevents the dumbbell from rolling back and forth. Because this method is more dangerous, suitable

for long-term training fitness enthusiasts, for beginners are not very recommended. Hold the dumbbell or barbell with a power belt. Usually used in pull action, you can increase the strength of my shoulders and use

the strength to prevent wrist injuries. For example, when training for high intensity training, the load-band can help you achieve

the maximum training effect. In weightlifting training, more use of a strong lock grip, while in fitness, fitness exercises, more use

of common grip and empty grip, ensure flexibility of exercise.

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the effective of Dumbbell, lying push.

The dumbbell is a hand chrome dumbbell push up, the two elbows inside, the elbow at the same time the chest. The dumbbell set is slightly forward while rising, showing a parabolic trajectory. When the arms are straight, the center of gravity of the dumbbell is close to the support point of the shoulder joint. However, do not happen to be at the support point of the shoulder joint, which will make the bones support the weight of the dumbbell(this case where the weight is supported by the bones rather than the muscles is called "locking"), making the pectoral muscles relax and affect the exercise effect. Then, the two straight arms are opened to the sides, the arms are slowly bent, and the dumbbells fall vertically. When they fall to the lowest point, they push up. bai1 g69 g68  50kg dumbbell

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