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the advantage of dumbbell

Exercise with dumbbells can increase strength and build a body Using dumbbells scientifically, you can really get good exercise. According to some sources, Schwarzenegger was a bodybuilding muscle, mainly through dumbbell exercise. However, many people do not use dumbbells to exercise, neither increase strength, nor become bodybuilding, often disheartened, dumbbells are also shelved, and even become a substitute for hammers. In fact, dumbbells are very knowledgeable about fitness. If you don't follow through, the exercise effect is often not satisfactory. Before we exercise, we need to be clear about the strength and fitness of who is your favorite. Exercise muscles mainly through two. The first approach can improve the strength of the exerciser, but the bodybuilding effect is relatively not obvious, suitable for professional weightlifters; The second approach can significantly increase muscle volume, but the increase in strength is relatively small, suitable for bodybuilders or mass fitness. Usually fitness enthusiasts regard fitness as the main purpose. When exercising with dumbbells for this purpose, the following rules must be followed. Choose the right weight of dumbbell before training. It is generally necessary to select a dumbbell with a load of 65-85 %. The so-called load refers to the maximum weight that can be lifted. For example, if the maximum weight that can be lifted is 10 kg at a time, a dumbbell with a weight of 6.5-8 .5 kg needs to be selected. Exercise. For the average fitness person, having two or three dumbbells of different weights and sticking with it is enough. When exercising, each group is held 6-8 groups. Each group is repeated 8-12 times. The speed of action should not be too fast. Each group is separated by 2-3 minutes. The load is too large or too small, the interval time is too short or too long, and the effect is not good. http://www.ericdumbbell.com 

dumbbell Used for strength training

dumbbell Used for strength training  and the purpose of the dumbbell, compound muscle action training. For motor paralysis, pain, not activities lead to the low strength of patients for a long time, holding a dumbbell, can use dumbbell weight for resistance movement actively, training of muscle strength.

Weights can be a single muscle; If add weight, need more muscle coordination, also can be used as a kind of compound muscle action training.

A kind of auxiliary equipment of dumbbell weight and fitness training. A fixed and adjustable weight dumbbell of the weight of two kinds.


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