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Fastness rubber dumbbell.Super March Purchasing fastness rubber dumbbell and dumbbell set


dumbbell plating is a simple device used to enhance muscle strength training.
Its main material is cast iron, external plating (chrome dumbbell plate)
The utility model is used for muscle strength training and muscle compound action training. Due to paralysis, pain, long-term inactivity and other leading to low muscle strength of patients, with dumbbells, dumbbells can be used to carry out the weight of resistance to active exercise, training muscle strength.
Weight: 20KG 30KG 15KG
Packaging: plastic  box for rubber dumbbell or chrome dumbbell 

Item Fastness rubber dumbbell
Material Rubber coated +iron rubber dumbbell 
Weight 2.5/5/7.5/10/12.5/50kg
Color black
Packing 1pcs/opp ,8pcs/box;4pcs/box;2pcs/box;1pcs/box
Sample time 5–7 working days
Service OEM/ODM




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