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Chrome Dumbbell plate lying push

Lie on your back on a bench, your feet on the ground; The elbows are bent, the dumbbells are held, the fists are opposite,

the palms are in the direction of the legs, and the axis of the chrome  dumbbell is located above the nipple(middle of the chest muscle),

against the chest. Push up, put in your elbows, put your elbows in your chest. The dumbbell is slightly forward while rising, showing a parabolic trajectory. When the arms are straight, the center of gravity

of the dumbbell is close to the support point of the shoulder joint. But don't just happen to be at the point of support of the shoulder joint,

which will allow the skeleton to support the weight of the dumbbell(this case where the weight is supported by the bone rather than the

muscle is called "locking"), making the pectoral muscles relax and affect the exercise effect. Then, the two straight arms are opened to the sides

, the arms are slowly bent, and the dumbbells fall vertically. When they fall to the lowest point, they push up. Repeat. Breathing Method: Exhale with your nose when pushing up and inhale when reducing.


b40 b39 b37 B33 black paintting dumbbell

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Dumbbell: the English name of the dumbbell. It is a kind of simple apparatus used to enhance the muscle strength training.

It is the main material of cast iron dumbbell, a rubber casing.

Its purpose is strength training, training compound muscle action. For motor paralysis, pain, not activities lead to the low strength of patients for a long time, holding a dumbbell, can use dumbbell weight for resistance movement actively, training of muscle strength.

Weights can be a single muscle; If add weight, need more muscle coordination, also can be used as a kind of compound muscle action training.

Dumbbell or pvc dumbbell weightlifting and fitness dumbbell exercise of a kind of auxiliary equipment. A fixed and adjustable weight dumbbell of the weight of two kinds. (1) fixed dumbbell weight. With cast iron, cast iron bars is among, both ends for a solid sphere, without a sound, when practice named dumbbells. Light dumbbell weight 6, 8, 12, 16 pounds (1 pound = 0.4536 kg), etc. The weight of the heavy weights have 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 kg, etc. (2) adjustable dumbbell. Similar to reduce the barbell, in short on weight of circular plate on both ends of the iron bar, about 40 ~ 45 cm long, weight lifting or fitness exercises can increase or decrease in weight. Often do dumbbell exercises, can strengthen the body's muscle strength.

In addition to the iron dumbbell, with wooden or plastic dumbbell. When practicing, the use of wooden dumbbell or plastic dumbbell tapping, training the trainees coordination and rhythm. Can also weaves wooden dumbbell set of gymnastics movement performance50dunbbell


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