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how to choose weight during take execrise of chrome dumbbell

let's start with the weight of dumbbell for different people. Body weight below 1.60 meters in weight of 60 kg -25 kg combined height of 1.70 meters under weight of 70 kilograms, -30 kilograms in the combination of height 1.80 meters below the weight of 80 kg -35 kg combined height of 1.90 meters below the weight of 95 kg within the -45 kg combination of 95 kilograms It is worth noting that the Internet shows a few catties of catty, generally referring to a pair. choose spefication of dumbbell. The dumbbell varieties commonly used on the market include rubber dumbbell, cast iron dumbbell, electroplated dumbbell, baking varnish dumbbell. The rubber dumbbell refers to the whole glue structure, and the price is lower than that of the electroplated dumbbell. Ordinary plastic bags are made of recycled plastics, which are irritating and long lasting. High quality adhesive is made of bitumen with small smell. Because of the fine workmanship, it is difficult to distinguish between ordinary rubber and high quality rubber. I used this dumbbell when I was at school. Every time I use it, there will be a pungent smell of plastic on my hands. http://www.ericdumbbell.com https://ericsports.en.alibaba.com      
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