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what is the different between pvc coated dumbbell and iron dumbbell

Comparison of  pvc coated dumbbell and Iron Dumbbell First, the hand is different from ordinary iron dumbbells. The second is that the color of various colors will not drop, the phenomenon of paint drop is absolutely not in the immersion molding. The adhesion after immersion is very good, and it will not fall one by one. The third is the increase in the service life of the product. If the surface treatment is painted or sprayed with other things, the time is longer to peel off, which affects the service life of the product. The fourth is to deal with the good impregnated liquid heavy metal standards, no harm to the human body. This is its environmental nature. Fifth, in this era of buying things at a reasonable price, immersion dumbbells became popular http://www.ericdumbbell.com

how many kg vinyl dumbbell can fit girl

1, legs open and shoulder are the same as wide, stand straight body, hands holding a chrome dumbbell  vinyl dumbbell .pvc dumbbell

respectively, put both hands vertical sides, hold your head high, tighten up the abdomen.

2, knees slightly bent, upper body and your hands slightly forward, hips to keep tightening state, arms straight down straight, breathe in belly in.

3, waist force downward to hip height, vertical straight downward, both hands above the waist and hard to up lift head, eyes looking straight ahead.

4 keep straight downward, both hands, upper body brought up slowly, the waist slightly forward, tighten the hips.

5, the body slowly stood straight, hands down slowly unbend to your side position, to restore the original position.



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