The benefits exercise of dumbbell

Before the take dumbbell exercise, the first thing we need to clear is that power and strong and handsome who is their favorite. Through the analysis of two exercise muscle. The first approach can improve the strength of exercisers, strong and handsome but the effect is relatively obvious, suitable for professional weightlifting athletes; The second way can make the muscle size significantly increased, but the strength increase is relatively small, it suitable for bodybuilder or mass fitness. Bodybuilding fitness enthusiasts are usually regarded as the main purpose, for this purpose use dumbbell exercise, must follow the following rules.

The dumbbell training before you choose appropriate weight. Generally need to select 65% – 65%loading  pvc dumbbell or hexagonal dumbbell , load refers to the can raise the maximum weight, for example, if every time can raise the maximum weight is 10 kg, you need to choose the weight of 6.5-6.5 kg dumbbell exercise. For the average fitness, have two or three pay different weights dumbbell and insist to take exercise, it is enough. Exercise time for 6-8 groups, each group of 8 to 12 repetitions, moving velocity shoulds not be too fast, each group interval of 2-3 minutes. The load is too big or too small, intermittent time is too short or too long, the effect is bad. 

ItemStainless steel dumbbell
Materialstainless steel
Sample time5–7 working days








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