The dumbbell exercise method mainly consists of three parts: basic exercise principle, dumbbell action diagram, and exercise method.


1Thin person muscle enhancement is suitable for using large weight and small number of dumbbell exercises, usually every
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The group action 8-12RM is the best.
2. Fat people are suitable for using small weight and multiple times of chrome dumbbell exercises. Generally, each group of actions has the best effect of 50RM or more.
3. Plastics is suitable for the use of medium weight dumbbell exercises. Generally, 25-30RM is the best for each group of actions.
RM: rm represents relative weight, and 8rm means that you can achieve a maximum of 8 consecutive weights, or that you can achieve a maximum of 8 consecutive weights. The premise is movement standard, do not borrow force cheat.
In general, the maximum power of growth is practiced with a weight of 1-5 RM, the weight of 6-12 RM for muscle gain, and the weight of 15-20 RM for fat reduction. Each group is exhausted. (But for new students, we say 8-12 RM, 10 times each)


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