we will choose right weight nefore practice dumbbell http://www.ericdumbbell.com

Choose the right weight before you practice dumbbells.
2, the purpose of the exercise is to increase muscle, the best choice of 65 % -85 % load dumbbell. For example, if the load that can be lifted is 10 kilograms at a time, a dumbbell weighing 6.5 kilograms to 8.5 kilograms should be selected for exercise. 5-8 groups per day during practice. Each group moves 6-12 times. The speed of action should not be too fast. Each group should be separated by 2-3 minutes. The load is too large or too small, and the intermittent time is too long or too short, the effect will be bad.
3, the purpose of the exercise is to reduce fat, it is recommended to practice should be 15-25 or more in each group, each group interval is controlled at 1-2 minutes. If you think this exercise is boring, you can match your favorite music practice, or follow the music to do dumbbell aerobics


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