what is different between vinly coated dumbbell and rubber dumbbell

the common varieties of dumbbell on market bales rubber dumbbell, cast iron dumbbell, electroplating dumbbell, dumbbell of the lacquer that bake.

Package plastic dumbbell refers to the adhesive structure, low price relative electroplating dumbbell. Ordinary plastic bags use recycled plastic, stimulating odour longer easy metamorphism, adverse to health. High quality plastic bags multi-purpose asphalt, smell is small. Because of fine workmanship now it is difficult to distinguish between ordinary plastic bags and plastic bags.

Rubber bag cast iron dumbbell is outer package, internal using cast iron pieces. The outer plastic bags are also ordinary plastic bags and plastic bags, with small volume relative encapsulates the dumbbell weight, price real benefit.

Electroplating dumbbells price relative to the package plastic dumbbell. Electroplating dumbbell bright-coloured color, and never fade  without excitant odour, using general family fitness.

Dumbbell of the lacquer that bake  of high quality cast iron after plating, the using of the lacquer that bake process. Dumbbell shape of the lacquer that bake more beautiful, the price is high relative to the electroplating dumbbell, suitable for professional fitness center.



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